Our Main Ring Judge

Our main ring judge this year is Mr. Brian Ferguson, from Upstate New York.

Brian Ferguson

                My Arabian horse experience began in 1959 when my father purchased an Arabian grandson of Raffles. Unfortunately he did not turn out to be the stallion of the century. But instead, became my first Arabian show horse. Through this horse we met an American Saddlebred Trainer, Carl Leigh, who became a very strong influence on our family.


It was this man who got me interested in judging. He once said that I should “give it a try “because it had always brought him great enjoyment. I decided to give it a try and received my small “r” in 1978. Since then I have had the distinct pleasure of judging several National events both here and abroad. Carl was right, being a judge has enriched my life in ways I would never have imagined. Not only have I witnessed many many outstanding performances, I have made life long friends with the people I have met while judging.


My wife, Dianne and I own a small breeding farm in Upstate New York and anxiously look forward to the foals arriving every spring.

Our Sport Horse Judge

Our Sport Horse  judge this year is Ms. Rita Behan, from Black Diamond, Alberta.

Rita Behan

                 I am a Basic Level Dressage judge and compete as well. I have a new young horse that I am quite excited about and hope to get him out competing this year. It is my goal to upgrade my judge’s card to Medium Status in the future.


I hold a competitive coach card. I teach dressage as well as western dressage. I teach a lot of dressage to improve other disciplines. It’s very rewarding to see these horses improve in their own discipline using the dressage training.


In my spare time, I love to hike, bike and trail ride in the mountains.